Keep Your Key Staff in Peak Condition, Extend their Working Life by 10+ Years, and Stop Wasting Tens of Thousands of Pounds on Sick Leave.

Today I made a fist. I haven’t made a fist for year’s and I stopped driving because of that. I couldn’t even hold the wheel.

Valerie Moncaster

Like Netflix, but
actually useful.

A Netflix-style platform, available to everyone in your company, which treats & prevents chronic physical pain, caused by inactivity.

Get access to HUNDREDS of on-demand Exercise Videos, live & recorded Exercise Classes, and How-To Videos, made by professionals, that target your employees’ specific health issues, such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder problems, arthritis, and many more.


Your employees will have access to the platform 24/7, and they can choose their level of engagement.

Just 20 min of exercise a day has the power to transform their health, improve their productivity, and become a game-changer for your business.


You don’t have to organise training, or pay thousands of pounds for expensive consultants.

Every employee will have unlimited access to exercises online, run by Corrective Exercise Professionals.

There’s no need to order expensive equipment either. All exercises can be done easily at home, with ZERO to small amount of equipment (e.g. resistance bands or foam rollers).

High-End Training.
Low Costs.

No, it’s not bad pricing. We’re undercutting the market on purpose.

It means that you can all afford the treatment you need, and as we’re a nonprofit, we can get away with sharing our industry’s best kept secrets, without you having to break the bank.

Reduced Absenteeism. Increased Productivity.

Imagine having a big project to finish, and your Team Lead calls in sick… They’ve thrown their back out, and can’t leave bed.

The worst thing is – it was completely preventable. 94% of all back pain cases are avoidable, and identifying & treating the root cause can be done at home.

Prevention now improves your employees’ productivity later.

Advice You
Can Trust.

The Fitness Industry is full of misinformation & false hope.

It’s easy to waste months reading countless blogs, looking for a quick fix on YouTube, or listening to “fitness gurus” pushing the next miracle cure.

Get a 100% reliable advice & exercises that target your staff’s specific health problems.

Perhaps You Still Think This Has Nothing To Do With You Because...

You Bought Fancy Ergometric Chairs or Equipment That’ll Prevent Pain.

We have news for you: they won’t. It has never been scientifically proven that ergometric chairs benefit your health.

If your industry involves heavy lifting, squatting, bending, repetitive motion, long hours sitting, or any activity that puts regular demand on muscles and joints, your workers WILL EXPERIENCE body pain and chronic medical conditions.

Your Employees Work Remotely, And Therefore Are Fitter, Happier & More Productive.

Wrong. Many of your workers work from unsuitable places like sofas or even beds, resulting in a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

In the UK, 81% of workers have experienced back, neck or shoulder pain since working remotely, and almost 70% of them don’t complain to avoid appearing to be taking advantage of remote work. In the long run, this causes even worse health problems for them, and affects your bottom line.

Your Workers Are Too Young to Have Health Issues.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your young workers aren’t immune to chronic pain. Since they spend so much time on keyboards and gadgets, they’re more prone to back and neck problems, and their job makes things even worse.

Nowadays 20-year-olds have the spinal health of 30 or 40-year-olds, and they’re often called the hunchback generation.

What Your Workers Aren’t Telling You...

Older Workers Keep Their Health Issues a Secret.

1 in 3 employees with a long-term health condition hides it from their employer.

Older workers are afraid to tell you they have problems. Why? They don’t want to be seen as the weakest link, and lose their job. Ironically, because of their neglect, they put themselves at a greater risk of becoming completely unable to work.

Younger Workers Are Already Thinking About Moving to Another Company.

You are living in the age of the “GREAT RESIGNATION”. The pandemic has changed the game.

56% of younger UK workers are considering moving to a new job. Why? Because they’re looking for better work conditions. Higher paychecks or bigger bonuses won’t make them stay. Showing that you truly care about their wellbeing will.

Is RootsTV Right For YOU?

You want a quick fix? Buy new chairs. You want to tick boxes? Get discount gym memberships. You want perks? Find a spa.

But if you’re looking for a Corrective Exercise Platform made by experts, that’s been scientifically proven to work, we may be the option for you.

It’s pointless to do what everyone else does. Simply because if it worked, you wouldn’t be here right now, yet here you are.

Strangely, most companies favour ineffectiveness. Which is why we’re talking to you, the minority. The minority that doesn’t invest their wellbeing budget in pointless exercises that fail to produce meaningful results.

So, if you’re a non-conformist who wants to deviate from the herd mentality, and do something that actually works, then pick up the phone and call us.

So, What Happens After You Book Your Free Consultation?

We aren’t going to spam you with emails or calls. Relax. You can expect us to answer all the questions about the platform you might have, and see what would be the best pricing plan for your company.

And What Happens Afterwards?

You get full access to ROOTS TV, and your employees can log into the programme.


People's Lives Change For The Better When They Subsribe To RootsTV.

Our Corrective Exercise Platform has helped people like you to eliminate pain & get their health back on track. Here's what they say.

Dina Calakovic

Co-founder, Authority Marketing

I wish a train could run me over and finally end this.”, I quietly whispered to myself.

It was a cold winter morning on a New Year’s Day back in 2020.

All the people were laying in bed, tired of last night’s celebrations.

I was laying in mine, tired of the pain.

Tired of waking up every day with the same problem.

Tired of fear…

…Exactly 12 months earlier, I was injured by a trainer at my boxing gym.

He pushed me too hard while I was stretching out, rupturing my tendon and three hamstring muscles.

Four weeks later, while still recovering from the injury, my back was slowly starting to hurt, causing my left leg & toes to go numb. All the time.

Turned out, the hamstring injury fucked up my back as well.

I was completely devastated.

“How long it will take for me to recover? Will I ever be able to box again? Will I ever be able to dance?”

You see, not only is boxing the love of my life, but I’m a passionate dancer as well.

The very thought of not being able to dance again made me not want to wake up anymore.

Perhaps you can’t understand my feelings, and I hope you never will have to, but this is exactly what was going through my mind at the time.

And I didn’t want to throw my life away.

So in two and a half years – I tried everything.

I spent all of my savings on magical doctors and countless therapies that never produced any results.

To be specific, I spent a bit over 20,000 EUR.


No progress. No hope. Just deep darkness.

“Dina, you’ll never be able to box again.”, “You’ll have to learn how to live with pain.”, were the answers I was getting from every door I knocked on…

…Until I met Simon.

This is the moment that changed my life forever.

He gave me a training program that I needed to follow to recover.

At first, I didn’t believe it’ll work, but what did I have to lose?

So I gave it a shot.

Fast forward 6 weeks, I was back on the punch bag.

I had to be extremely careful, but throwing the jabs without any pain was already a miracle.

Today, 7 months later, my leg goes numb maybe once a month, and I very rarely feel any back pain.

I’m still not able to do all the punches & motions, but I’m getting there.

And when I hear the beats of Dr. Dre, I dance just like I used to dance before.

People often approach me, wondering if I’ve been smoking crack or something.

That means I’m definitely back to my old self. :)

No matter what I do in my life, I’ll never ever be able to repay Simon for what he’s done for me.

Writing this story was far from easy, and bringing back those memories made me tear up again.

But I hope it’ll help you make up your mind.

If you’re in pain, do yourself a favor, and listen to his advice.

It’ll change your life forever.

Angela Fletcher

CEO of Happy Futures

Janette and Simon are both terrific Personal Fitness & Corrective Exercise Instructors. Their aim is to get people exercising in a fun way – and have definitely managed that. Once the pandemic arrived, the published videos on a daily basis to a wide audience to help numerous people – and they still do.

I have used them on numerous occasions to work with both my staff and my individuals and the way they adapt their classes to suit the different needs is just amazing. Janette has worked with both groups of our individuals as well as developing special one to one classes for Jenny and Clive and have achieved fantastic results.


Volunteer Coordinator at Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group said

Roots of Yggdrasil has been key to delivering our COVID-19 offer to our swim members through the production of a home exercise book with online videos. Their energy, drive and knowhow enabled our members to stay active during a time when they were confined to their homes and could not part take in their usual fitness activities.

We cannot thank Roots of Yggdrasil enough, as a user led organisation we often struggle with producing videos and publicity material but with their help we not only produced a printed exercise booklet with QR codes to additional online videos, but also, an online publicity video promoting our new sensory equipment at Scarborough Sports Village.

Carol Rollinson


I used to work as a carer and mental health nurse, but Adult-onset Still’s Disease and Arthritis forced me to take early retirement. The Roots’ classes have been amazing! Not only have they improved my health and reduced my pain, but they’ve also enabled me to start living my life again.