You probably think this is just another inspirational story about someone’s struggles, successes, and experiences. You may think we have absolutely nothing in common.

Maybe you’re right.

But maybe, just for a few minutes, you manage to step into my shoes, walk through my own story, and discover something valuable for yourself.

So, for a start, I would like you to tell me, how many people you’ve come across in life that have been sincerely interested in your problems – without judging, with an open heart, and honest desire to help?

Take your time. Try to remember them all.

There aren’t many, are there?

Don’t worry. It’s the same with you, me, and everybody else.

This is why society teaches you to raise a big fat wall around you, to rely only on yourself, to never share your feelings, or be open to others, to hide your problems, put a smile on your face, and pretend everything is fine.

I’ve learned the hard way that even after all the destruction, there is still one thing that gives us hope – empathy.

But let me first tell you the story of how it all began back in January 2008.
Picture this; you’re a 16-year-old walking home from school, and suddenly it happens.

You’re walking through a tunnel, and a speeding lorry hits the ceiling, leaving you no room to escape.

Time slows, you take in all the small details, the taste of the crisp winter air, the thunder as the huge load falls from the back, the sound of screaming steel, and the smell of stale exhaust fumes.

Then it all goes black.

That cold winter day, I looked straight into the eyes of death.

The mental trauma and consequences were so strong, I only managed to recover from them in my late twenties. Even now, I still suffer from nightmares.

The physical price I paid was a shattered right femur and a broken ankle, with the aches and pains on cold days reminding me of just how close I was to losing everything.

But what does it have to do with any of this?

As you can imagine, my recovery didn’t happen overnight. I spent years of searching for hope, paying for expensive treatments so that I could fix my own health problems, wasting thousands of pounds on countless snake oil salesmen, and miracle doctors along the way. When you’re vulnerable, predators tend to pull you down, steal from you, and manipulate you.

But, there’s also another side to people. For every person who would take advantage of you, there’s one that will make your life better. At least I believe so.

In your darkest hours, you need to remember that there are still those who genuinely care, those who do not want to rob you, and who will, instead of pulling you down – push you to greater heights. For them, I will be forever grateful.

In fact, I was so deeply grateful for my recovery, that I decided to be one of them. One of the good guys who’ll do everything they possibly can – to help you get your health back on track.

Your workers shouldn’t feel pain, shouldn’t hide their problems, and shouldn’t be scared for their future. Because ignoring pain, and pretending that everything’s fine, makes things worse than you could ever imagine.

You have the power to prevent that, and I can help. This platform is driven by empathy for humankind.

That’s why it’s made of exercises that have been scientifically proven to work, so your company can provide the best care for your workers’ specific needs.

And this is exactly why you get a platform made by experts at an affordable price. So you can have something others are paying a FORTUNE for.
We are a CIC, so we focus on our social impact more than anything else, and by making the platform as affordable as possible, we can help more people.

Due to our non-profit status, we can share our industry’s best-kept secrets, without you having to spend tens of thousands of pounds.

And that’s what we’re most proud of.

I still remember a famous scene from The Lord of The Rings.

There was an important mountain to climb, but Frodo, the chosen ring carrier, was entirely exhausted, damaged both physically & emotionally by the ring’s effect.

His friend Sam used the last of his strength to carry Frodo up the mountain. He raised him up onto his back and said: “I can’t carry the ring for you Mr. Frodo, but I can carry you”.

This is exactly what I’m giving you.

Not a miracle, but 100% reliable help and advice.

Simon Town,
Managing Director at Roots of Yggdrasil

Mark Smith


I used to play a lot of sport when I was younger, but a lifetime in manufacturing took its toll on my health, and as I got older it became harder to exercise and my health deteriorated. It reduced my confidence, and eventually my health had deteriorated enough that I was forced to leave work.

The balance & coordination exercises have been most beneficial to me, as I have issues with my vision, and it’s easy to lose my footing. Don’t get me wrong – the reduced pain is great, but for me the main benefit is being able to move around again without the fear of falling over and hurting myself.

Winifred Craig


The classes have given me an insight into what causes my aches and pains, and led me to understand more about the role of exercise in managing my health. Now I have much more mobility, and every day gets a little better, as the pain fades away.

Hazel Thomas


Everything ached, age catches up with you, and it’s easy to forget we need exercise. I have arthritis and everything hurt, it even made it hard to do things around the house. The classes helped me control my condition, and now I can do simple things – like put the shopping away without having to worry about pain.

Michael Joyce


I have Nail-Patella syndrome which means my joints always ache and I struggle with coordination. The exercise classes are great as I can’t do much, and need something simple & safe that I can do anywhere. My coordination has improved, and although my joints still ache, I’m much more comfortable than before.