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Tim Vasey

Manager Scarborough Disabled Action Group

Roots of Yggdrasil are inclusive, empathetic, and entertaining. Janette puts the individual at the heart of each Treats Keep Fit session, and tailors her class according to the needs of the individuals who attend.

She makes the classes fun by introducing simple things, such as ball games at the end of each session.

Valerie Moncaster


I first worked with Roots of Yggdrasil when they were running on-line classes during the pandemic. I attend the classes for 8 weeks and had a great deal of fun but more importantly for years, because of my arthritis, I had not been able to make a fist.

Janette gave me some exercises to do during the week at the end of which I was able to make a fist for the first time. I now attend the classes that Roots of Yggdrasil run with Revival North Yorkshire at Sleights Church Hall and I can now make a fist with both hands. You have no idea how much easier my life has become.

Debbie Swales

Managing Director of Revival North Yorkshire CIC

Janette adapted her seated chair exercise programme so that it could be delivered via Zoom to older and vulnerable people living on the remote North York Moor during Covid 19 lockdowns. These people had no experience of chair-based exercise, but the project proved to be a great success, giving people not only an opportunity to exercise, but much needed social interaction.

Janette then continued her work with Revival by providing group and 1:1 home based sessions for our participants, many of whom have underlying health conditions and some of whom are quite frail. Participants speak of improved mobility and balance, as well as easing of specific conditions.

Janette is extremely reliable, responsive, patient and considerate of participant needs. She also adapted her group sessions following participant feedback to varying routines, music and games.

Thank you Janette for making such a difference to the lives of our participants!

Karen Spoors


Before my stroke I was a teaching assistant in a primary school. Physiotherapy helped me recover quite a lot, but when my treatment ended, I needed to find something for the long term. The primary benefit for me is the balance exercises, as they help me stay stable when I’m walking. I showed my old physio some of the things I had learned, and they told me it was exactly what I needed.