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Jamie Woodhouse

Personal Trainer

I would to say the company is run fantastically well, Simon is amazing and knows a lot, a very likeable and knowledgeable guy, he certainly knows a lot about health, fitness and wellbeing. Janette is also very welcoming and friendly, she knows a lot about business, health and wellbeing. Dennis is a very knowledgeable and friendly person whom has a lot of information about the health and safety side of things.

The other people on board wouldn’t be working with the company if they weren’t brilliant at what they do. All in all, they have what it takes to offer the best with health and wellbeing.

Karen Walls

I live with Autoimmune disease, which means I have to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. However, I have been following the exercises that Simon has demonstrated so brilliantly in his videos for weeks now (I actually look forward to the next one 😉).

For me personally they can be challenging at times due to the pain, but they are so simple and effective. They really have made a huge difference to the pain, especially with my hands in the morning. So massive Thank You Roots!

Nona Laughton


I was a care assistant and developed osteoarthritis in my spine and shoulders. I was in so much pain I needed strong medication. Even breathing hurt. The exercise classes helped me a lot, the pain is reduced, and I don’t need to rely on as much medication as before. The exercises even made it easier for me to breathe.

Natalie Crawshaw


I work in a care home, and my back used to hurt all the time. The exercise classes taught me how to fix my back pain before it became a serious problem. For that, I’m forever grateful.