Why counting calories in a hurry can be a little banana’s

As calorie counters and nutrition apps become ever more popular the role of nutritionists has to evolve. When I first entered the industry about 50% of nutrition revolved around teaching others how to fill in food diaries and log their meals. Although this is still useful knowledge to have, the growing number of apps that […]

Food for Thought

Anyone that knows me will have heard some variation of this at some point in our friendship, as my biggest pet peeve with the fitness industry has always been nutrition, or more specifically the abundance of dodgy products and people making false claims to part the public from their hard-earned money for a taste of […]

Head, Shoulders, Ow! My back!

Do you ever wake up and feel like you’ve been hit by a truck? Well, I have literally been hit by a truck and can tell you first hand that it hurts… Really, really, hurts. Especially the broken bones and psychological trauma – but enough about me.The thing is, we all get hit by our […]